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Summer Reading Social
A great back to school idea to kick off your book club for the year and discover potential new members. Pick a lunch time, and invite faculty and or students to bring and share their favorite book they read over the summer. They can loan or swap their copy. If they checked out the book from a public library, consider adding it to your acquisitions list, or see if you have a copy to loan out to interested people.

Summer Series Reading Club
Group books in bundles of 3-4 books based on a theme or series. Allow students to check them out over the summer. Meet in May to preview the options and get parent permission slips and contracts to return the books. Meet in September to return the books and discuss what was read. Maybe choose series in paperback you can get from Scholastic Book fairs and process minimally so you can be prepared to say goodbye to them. Could also work with older series or books you are ready to replace that you won't be devastated by their destruction or loss.
Use Book Bundles by
Erica Segraves and Gigi Yang, librarians at Mamie Doud Public library in Broomfield, CO


Faculty Book Club
Use your book fair credit to purchase enough books for your book club to read. Even if they don't have time to read the book, they can come and listen to the discussion so they can booktalk it to their students and add the book to their classroom library. I do an easy lunch where I bring plain salad, and everyone brings an addition such as dressing, croutons, cheese, etc. I also offer to pick up pizza if enough people contribute ($5 at Little Caesars).

One book Book Club
I started a faculty book shelf in the lounge and register each book on Bookcrossing.com. I e-mail new additions to the shelf once per month to the faculty with a short description. These are usually books I read with my adult book club outside school staff. Interested faculty are invited to read the book and pass it along to someone else. This allows for multiple people to read the book, but not at the same time. Readers can log their comments on bookcrossing.com and see who else has read the book to discuss it with. here's My Bookshelf on Bookcrossing

Themed Book Club
Twilight book club: One teacher runs a Twilight book club that meets every week. I can't believe they can talk about it every week. She has tried to get them to try other books, but they have resisted!

Student Book Club
Share your ideas here!
How do you get enough copies?
Do you check the books out and use them again, or give them away?
What meeting time works best?

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Middle School Book Clubs compiled by Judy Egan

When I started a book club last year, I told everyone that later on we’d pick books as a group, but to start off we were going to read the CYRM nominees. This was good because it gave us some structure, CYRM had some discussion ideas on their webpage, and they are “good” books so in general most the kids enjoyed all the books. It was a good way to start, I’d recommend it!

Good luck!

Try Book Club in a Box
It is a program run by California for the Book out of U.C.L.A They have 2 groups of books that I did with my 7th & 8th graders.
You can look them up on line for program details.
They send 10 of each title, with lesson plans and program ideas, book marks and posters. It is FREE :) You do need to return the books when you are finished with them.
I bought 5 more of each title for my library which allowed 15 students at a time reading the books.

Sharon Mellinger
Rancho Pico Jr. High
Stevenson Ranch, Ca

Virtual Book Club
Consider virtual book clubs with a variety of titles being discussed at any given time.

I have a 5th/6th book club and we don’t all read the same book. We meet once every two weeks at lunch time and kids share whatever it is they are reading or have read. It gives the other kids ideas for new reads.


Books at Loara for check out by a book club (Donated by Disney) 20+each

  • Peter and the secret of Rundoon
  • Ptolemy's Gate
  • Petey
  • Sweet Disorder
  • Arctic Incident
  • Kingdom keepers III
  • Star Fish
  • Princess for Hire
  • Bad girls don't die
  • Jack Sparrow
  • The last Olympian
  • The ghost and the goth
  • The Academy
  • The last dragon