Schools will be required to list
all books for surplus.

Surplus Textbooks (Notice to Teachers)
external image msword.png OV SURPLUS BOOKS Memo.doc (Orangeview JHS)
external image msword.png SURPLUS Blank.doc (AUHSD Form)
external image pdf.png Electronic Surplus Submittal Form Memo.pdf
external image pdf.png AUHSD Surplus Request Form.Short Version.pdf

Required information will be:

  • ISBN
  • Title
  • Quantity

The books listed for surplus will be presented to our curriculum department for review, and then our Board for disposal approval.

That form is in the process of being made available on-line, and as soon as it is available, all information will be submitted through the internet from the school site to the Warehouse no calls will be necessary for pickup.

The procedure for surplus at the school site is up to the school site, but the e-form (when available) must be used and the books must be collected in one location. The Warehouse will not go room to room for pickups.

I would suggest having the teachers continue to box their books, but in addition I would also have them list the ISBN, Title, and Quantity, and deliver them to the Media Center for completion.