It is a good idea to have a procedure in place for absences.

Planned absence such as vacation or personal days:

Check with the Librarian to see if adjustments can be made in the schedule, i.e. swapping days, or rescheduling classes if the library needs to be closed.

Get approval for planned absence from the principal. Forms can be obtained from the principal’s secretary

Make sure you let the TA’s know you will be gone, and they should report to the Main Office.

Let the Main Office staff know to expect our TA’s and which days you will be absent.

Place the closure signs on the doors before you leave.

Unexpected Absence:
Call in to the absence line. Call the school to have someone put up the closure signs. E-mail staff to let them know about the closure. Let the main office know to expect our TA’s and report any absences to attendance.

Librarians cannot change schools to cover an unexpected absence as they may have prior commitments at their alternate school.

Librarian Absence or change in schedule:
Have your schedule posted so that staff can know when you are expected to be present on each campus.

If a change in schedule is necessary, make sure your staff is notified by e-mail.

For an unexpected absence, make sure you make arrangements with any teachers you are collaborating with to reschedule or continue in your absence.