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Find out your school's Academic Honesty Policy. Refer to it and teach it to students whenever introducing a research project. It helps to also know the consequences for violating this policy.
AUHSD Academic Honesty Policy approved by the board 2006

Plagiarism Defined (AUHSD 2006)

Plagiarism is any use of another individual’s ideas, words, or work without giving him/her appropriate credit. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to the following:

misuse of published material or material acquired from internet sources, and/or the work of another student. The following offenses, including but not limited to those below, are considered examples of plagiarism:

• Paraphrasing or copying any source without giving proper credit to the author.

• Not using denotation when citing sources.

• Turning in any assignment which is not based on one’s own research and writing.

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