Presented at CSLA/CLA Pasadena November 13, 2011 (Link to Slideshare Here)
By Heather Gruenthal and Marie Slim

A (school) year of Advocacy. A day by day guide to advertising your program and making an impact by using the power of Web 2.0 to mobilize your advocacy efforts. The original idea was posted on my blog at: A (school) year of Advocacy

Since my goal for this year is advocacy, I thought I'd try to come up with one thing per day to promote the library. I don't think I can promise to post every day, but over the course of a full year, I might be able to come up with 180 things to do.


Summer: Explore these Resources:
Sign the Stand Up For Students Pledge
Definition of Advocacy from AASL
Order AASL Advocacy Pack for $9 shipping
8 Ways to Make Your Library More Visible Now from SLJ

Act 4 School Libraries AASL School Library Advocacy Task Force
Failing Schools, Literacy and Poverty 30min Video "PMAD-Stephen Krashen 03/14/2011"
The Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement
Jackie Siminitus Blog: Library Advocate
CSLA Bestsellers Campaign
School Library Advocacy Illustrated slogans from CSLA posted by Marie Slim
Advocacy Day 2010 Webinar
YALSA Advocacy
Contact your U.S. Elected Officials
ALA Legislative Action Center

Published by the AASL, a division of the American Library Association (2003)

Education Code section 18100 requires districts to "provide school library services for the pupils and teachers of the district by establishing and maintaining school libraries or by contractual arrangements with another public agency." The Education Code further requires in Section 18103 that "the libraries shall be open to the use of the teachers and of the pupils of the school district during the school day."
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