Presented at CSLA/CLA Pasadena November 13, 2011 (Link to Slideshare Here)
By Heather Gruenthal and Marie Slim

A (school) year of Advocacy. A day by day guide to advertising your program and making an impact by using the power of Web 2.0 to mobilize your advocacy efforts. The original idea was posted on my blog at: A (school) year of Advocacy

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Since my goal for this year is advocacy, I thought I'd try to come up with one thing per day to promote the library. I don't think I can promise to post every day, but over the course of a full year, I might be able to come up with 180 things to do.


Summer Vacation!!
One of my new resolutions is to figure out some things I can do over the summer so that September is not so hectic. Here are some ideas:

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Taken from a CALIBk12 posting by Marie Slim on 3-13-2011
Here was my plan of action, that I may put into place if I lose my first battle.

1) Each TL or Para creates a spreadsheet of any and all stakeholders who would be willing to be a CSLA "Best Seller" for their school's library. I have this spreadsheet for myself and it includes about 150 people I know who would be comfortable in doing this.
2) Send an "opt out" letter to each of these potential "Best Sellers." I created this letter and sent it to about 10 people so far. None of those people asked to "opt out" of being a Best Seller.
3) Create a Google Form to collect responses OR create a paper form:

my example at:

4) Register your BestSellers at: This link is off of:

5) Create an 8.5" x 11" sheet with your Bestsellers' quotes (Bestseller Story) and names. Hopefully you'll have to use 5 point font because you'll have so many. Send this sheet out to teachers, students, parents, staff, everyone!

6) Decide on the five major myths that district admin may use to dissipate support for school libraries and create a sheet to answer these. Mine is at:

7) Use the ELA CST Testing info that TL's Connie Joyce and Sarah Bosler compiled to show that what we do is 11% of the English Language Arts CST Testing.

8) Do something BIG! T-shirts, Slogan, "pink day", buttons, walk out, supermarket Q&A's, Ask your UNION what they are going to do for you that is BIG. Get all your "Best Sellers" to come together in one place, put it on Facebook, Twitter, make it a school library flash mob. Get the newspapers to cover this. Get the TV networks too. Get LOTS of pictures. Send these pics to news agencies. Create a press release. Ask all CSLA members to join you. Ask CSLA members to register BestSEllers on your behalf. I have quite a few friends in Los Angeles who would be an LAUSD bestseller if you just say the word.

9) Do come to the CSLA SS Workshop and garner support there. Bring your buttons and fliers and invitations to sit-ins, etc. and you will find supporters! CSLA SS Workshop info at: As Jane Lofton said, Glen Warren, Janice Gilmore-See and the always-uplifting Barbara Jeffus will be there to give guidance and support.

10) Contact your CSLA SS Region Rep and let them know how you would like their support. If there are any CSLA SS funds available for Advocacy, how would they best be spent? Let your Region Rep know!!! Emails of Region Reps are here: - - click on your region # on the righthand side (the navigation bar) LAUSD is region #2 and region #3 West LA is region 2 and East LA is region #3.

11) Continue to be the best TEACHER-Librarian you can be. It is so hard in the face of all this adversity. Try to work smarter (together) rather than harder and do make time to treat yourself with respect as well. Eat, sleep, surround yourself with good people. Have a pity-party, as I am prone to do. But then hop up and do what our students need. My heart is with you Annette!