Banned Books Week Theme for 2017

The Office for Intellectual Freedom unveiled the American Library Association’s new theme for Banned Books Week: Words have power. The words in challenged books have the power to unite literary communities and offer new perspectives; and your words have the power to challenge censorship.

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Heather Gruenthal
Long Beach Unified School District

Joy Millam
Placentia Yorba Linda School District
Valencia High School

Activity 1:
Pick up a list of the top 100 Banned Books in the last 10 years
Highlight the ones you have in your library
ALA's List of Most Frequently Challenged Books 2000-2009

Activity 2
Do you Tweet? Follow @hgruenthal @ReaderJoy @BannedBooksWeek

Activity 3
Take a photo with your favorite Banned BookBBW Student.JPG
This idea comes from Lamoille Union Middle and High School Media Center
Numbers to make your own lineup
Caught reading text for lineup

Tweet your picture #BannedBooksWeek #CSLA16

Get detailed instructions at: Mrs G Talks Books

Activity 4
Make a book cover for your Banned Books Week Display

Activity 5
Make a Book Mark

Activity 6
What's your Problem Issues Book Wall
Brainstorm a list of books for a Teen Issues Book Talk
November 2009 119.JPG

Activity 7
2016-02-01 16.35.35.jpg
Blackout Poetry
Prezi by Laura Randazzo
Get the Lesson for Censored Poetry

Activity 8
Give a Banned Books Week Booktalk using Author Quotes and reasons for Challenges in the Banned Books Resource Guide:
11 Quotes from Banned Authors
Banned Books Week Quotes on GoodReads
PowerPoint by Joy Millam

Activity 9
Where can you find these amazing ideas? Create an account on Pinterest and follow Heather's (gruenthal_h) Banned Books Week Board
School Library Journal's Banned Books Week Board

Activity 10
Banned Books Week Action Plan

Mark your calendar for the next Banned Boos Week (usually the last week of September)

As soon as you return to campus
Find your board policy on removal of instructional Materials
Find the forms needed to challenge Instructional Materials

Summer Project:
Create your "Caught Reading a Banned Book" Background

By August:
Order your Banned Books Week Materials
Banned Books Resource Guide
Banned Books Trading Cards

September 1
Put up your displays
Pull Books from ALA's top 100 list

The Week Before Banned Books Week:
Put Announcement in the Bulletin

What do The Giver, Harry Potter and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer have in common? They have all been “Banned Books.” That means they were removed from a school or public library because someone did not agree with the ideas expressed in them. People who ban books think they have good reasons; usually book banners feel they are protecting children from ideas that are not suitable for their age level. Although Orangeview’s library has many books that have been banned in other places, these library books have been chosen as appropriate for the junior high level. You are free to read any books in the Orangeview library. Only you and your parents can decide what ideas are right for your family. Come by the library today and celebrate your freedom to read during “Banned Books Week.”

Monday of Banned Books Week
Banned Books Week is a good time to remind teachers of your District's Challenge Of Instructional Materials Policy.

Here's a copy of the newsletter/e-mail sent out yearly:

Collaborate with your ELA teachers on a Challenged Books Assignment
Collaborate with your Art teachers on Banned Books Trading Cards (CSLA Good Ideas Winner)

Bonus Material:
Visit These Websites
ALA's 100 most frequently challenged books 1990-2000
Banned Books Week Website
ALA's Banned or Challenged Classics
ALA's Frequently Challenged Books of the 21st Century
Simon and Schuster's Banned Books Site Includes Ellen Hopkins' Banned Books Manifesto
Freedom to Read Foundation
Frequently Challenged Books from ALA
National Coalition Against Censorship

If you have a Video Class, make your own Banned Book Video:
Banned Books Week 2015 from Jefferson Leadership Academies
Animoto slide show from: Joan McCall, TL, Redlands USD, Beattie Middle School, Clement Middle School, Cope Middle School, Moore Middle School
Video from Bookmans
Banned Books Week 2011 With Chris Crutcher and Jenny Lawson

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