Here are some useful forms for accepting donations:

Click on the link below to access our Amazon Wish List. You can purchase books for our school library, or yourself. Using this link will give 4% of your purchase back to Western Library:

Western Library Wish List

We also accept donations of used books if you would like to bring them to the library.

Donated Library Materials Policy

A school library strives to provide a collection of exciting, new and relevant books which support the curriculum, are age and subject appropriate, and meet the California Curriculum Standards.

Gifts of materials are accepted by the school library with the understanding that upon receipt, the library becomes the owner of the materials. Inclusion of these materials into the collection is based upon the same selection criteria as purchased materials (see selection policy below). The disposition of materials not added to the collection is left to the discretion of the library staff in charge.

Donation Receipts

When donating materials to the library, you can request a receipt to use for your tax records to record charitable donations.

It is up to the taxpayer to determine the value of items. The Salvation Army provides a list of fair market values, which list hardcovers at $1-$3 and paperbacks at $.75-$1.50

Resources for determining Fair Market Value:

Determining Fair Market Value of Chairtable Contributions from the

Salvation Army Values Chart

Contains the district donation policy.

A receipt for tax purposes.

If the patron wants a receipt, you can notate the number of hardcovers and paperbacks, but should always let the patron determine the value of items to avoid problems with the IRS. The salvation army provides a list of fair market values, which list hardcovers at $1-$3 and paperbacks at $.75-$1.50

A form letter for acknowledging gifts.

Another sample letter:

“Dear ,

Thank you for your gift to _ School Library on [date] of

_[qty]_ hardcover books

_[qty]_ paperback books


[Boiler plate language about how students and staff will benefit from these materials and how much we appreciate their contribution in times of tight budgets, etc.]

Your contribution is deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult a tax professional to determine the value of your gift.


Two qualifications:

If the gift is of significant value – a rare edition, autographed copy, equipment, etc. – you should be specific with the details (e.g., “other: one Apple eMac desktop computer with keyboard and mouse”). Don’t guess at the details, though; only give the information you can observe/verify.

If the giver wants an amount listed in the acknowledgement, it’s OK to add “…which you stated has a value of $XXX (the giver’s estimate/calculation of amount).”

Your acknowledgement letter should be printed on your school/library letterhead and signed by you or someone with enough authority to be “official.”

from CALIBK12--
Rusty Tooley
Teacher Librarian
Barron Park Elem. School
Palo Alto Unified School District

Gifts of $500 and over should be submitted to be acknowledged by the AUHSD board.

Ideas for soliciting donations:

Start a Wish List on Amazon
Western High School's Wish List
Orangeview Junior High's Wish List
Oxford Academy Wish Listexternal image ir?t=reifyoliri-20&l=ur2&o=1

Oxford has had a very successful book drive.

Western uses an idea started by Josie Martinescu of asking donations at registration