5 Reasons The Library Is Better Than The Internet

1. Everything is NOT free on the Internet!
With billions of pages it is easy to think so, but you would be wrong. Most quality materials that meet research needs are not free, but are part of subscription databases.
2. Garbage in—Garbage out
The items at public libraries have been selected by librarians trained in information sources and services. Less than 10% of search engine results are relevant and focused on the information that the user actually needs.
3. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing
Accurate summaries of resources provide the public with information that saves time. Search engine summaries are based on keyword searches and may or may not be accurate.
4. All that glitters is not gold
Libraries select the best of journals, books, and websites that are reviewed and updated regularly and meet quality standards. Search engines return websites with high percentage of words and links, not necessarily those that are relevant, updated regularly, or they may be created by questionable resources.

5. A guide in the wilderness
Library staffs are trained to guide the public in selection of materials for reading level and needs. There is no method of adjusting online searches for reading levels or special needs.

Athens-Limestone Public Library