Digital Citizenship Wiki by Margaret Baker, CSLA 2008
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OCDE 12/16/2010

Definitions for Texting Acronyms:

ASL Age, Sex, Location
BRB be right back
GTG gotta go
GAMEZ illegal games
LMIRL lets meet in real life
M/F male or female
PIR parent in room
P911 parent emergency
PAW parents are watching
POS parent over shoulder
TDTM talk dirty to me
L8R later
LMAO laughing my ass off
PAL parents are listening
SorG Straight or gay
BFF Best friends forever
KPC keeping parents clueless
IWSN I want sex now
ADR address

Passed into law October 2008
Broadband Data Improvement Act
Public Law 110-385


Section 254(h)(5)(B) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C.
254(h)(5)(b)) is amended--
(1) by striking ``and'' after the semicolon in clause (i);
(2) by striking ``minors.'' in clause (ii) and inserting
``minors; and''; and
(3) by adding at the end the following:
``(iii) as part of its Internet safety policy
is educating minors about appropriate online
behavior, including interacting with other
individuals on social networking websites and in
chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and

AB 307: Chavez Bill

The passage of the Chavez Bill (Assembly Bill 307) will impact technology planning this year. This bill charges districts to “educate pupils and teachers on the appropriate and ethical use of information technology in the classroom, Internet safety, avoiding plagiarism, the concept, purpose, and significance of a copyright so that pupils can distinguish between lawful and unlawful online downloading, and the implications of illegal peer-to-peer network file sharing.” This bill shows up as additional items in the planning criteria found in the grant application (Appendix C).

AB 678