Directions for Inventory in Alexandria

The Purpose of a Complete Inventory
For collections that maintain materials that are loaned, it is critical to periodically account for those items. Reasons to account for those materials are:
  • To correct and update the catalog listing of all items in the automation system so it suitably corresponds to the materials that are in the collection.
  • To determine what materials are missing and must be reordered.
  • To appraise the physical condition of the materials and discard or repair damaged items.
  • To assess the relevance of the materials and then archive or discard those items which are no longer relevant.
  • To generate an exact list of all materials for insurance purposes.
  • To place all materials in their proper order.
The purpose which stands out above all others is to correct and update the catalog listing. There is nothing more important because patrons rely on the catalog listing to find materials. If the catalog is outdated, then items that are no longer in the collection will still show as available, and patrons will waste time looking for resources that are not there.