Volunteers in the Library:

California Education Code
Section 35021
Utilization of Volunteers

(b) No district may abolish any of its classified positions and
utilize volunteer aides, as authorized herein, in lieu of classified
employees who are laid off as a result of the abolition of a
position. A district shall not refuse to employ a person in a vacant
classified position and use volunteer aides in lieu of filling the
classified position.

(c) It is the intent of the Legislature to permit school districts
to use volunteer aides to enhance its educational program but not to
permit displacement of classified employees nor to allow districts
to utilize volunteers in lieu of normal employee requirements.

Ed Code Requirement for Teacher Librarians:

EC §44868 states that no person may provide library media teacher services in any
elementary or secondary school unless he/she holds a valid credential of proper grade
authorizing library media teacher services. The authorization statement in Title 5
§80053(b) provides a comprehensive statement of the duties of a librarian. It states that
the holder of a Library Media Teacher Services Credential may:

1) instruct pupils in the choice and use of library materials;
2) plan and coordinate school library programs with the instructional programs of a
school district;
3) select materials for school and district libraries;
4) coordinate or supervise library programs at the school site, district or county level;
5) plan and conduct a course of instruction for those pupils who assist in the
operation of school libraries;
6) supervise classified personnel assigned school library duties; and
7) develop procedures for and management of the school site and district libraries.

Non-Credentialed Library Staff: CTC recognizes the appropriate inclusion of noncredentialed
staff to assist in the delivery of library services. Employing agencies may
use non-credentialed individuals to assist in the provision of library services, provided
that the employment of non-credentialed personnel (technicians, pupil or parent
volunteers, classified employees, etc.) is not intended to supersede the requirement to
include holders of the Library Media Teacher Services Credential or other credentials
authorizing library service in the coordination and implementation of public school
library programs.

Services provided by non-credentialed personnel shall not include those activities
requiring possession of a valid Library Media Teacher Services Credential, as specified
in Title 5 §80053(b). Also, holders of credentials authorizing administrative services are
not authorized to perform library media duties unless they hold the additional

While a certificated school librarian must perform these professional services, it is not
necessary to have a certificated librarian assigned full-time to each school library. CTC
acknowledges the financial burden of operating library services at all or most of the
schools in a school district or county. CTC encourages school districts and county offices
of education with limited resources to organize library programs in which circulating
credentialed school librarians perform the necessary professional functions, while noncertificated
personnel engage in such day-to-day operations as shelving books, filing,
checking-in and out of materials, etc.

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