Library Aide Applications

Assignments for Library Aides: from Heather Gruenthal at Western High School
Library Aide Wiki from Elk Grove Unified School District

Library Aide Curriculum Letter

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[[file/view/Library Assistant Duties.doc|]]Library Assistant Duties.doc

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[[file/view/Tasks From A to Z That Library Aides Can Perform.doc|]]Tasks From A to Z That Library Aides Can Perform.doc

Library Aide Curriculum Ideas:
  • Create a bulletin board
  • Create a bookmark and genre list
  • Create an AR quiz
  • Read books and create book report or take AR quiz
  • Create a new book cover for an old book
  • Write a book review
  • Recommend a book for purchase
  • Recommend a book for deselection

Check Sections:
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Read and Complete Worksheet: (from Linda Hodgin, Kennedy/Alternative Education)
Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You *Do What Needs to be Done by Bob Nelson ISBN 0786867299
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Library Aide Requirements by San Juan Island School District
Library Aide Curriculum by Marie Slim, Troy High School CSLA 2007

VCS Library Volunteer Training

Please click here to play the Shelf Order Game (from the University of Texas). (BAD LINK)

I was looking for activities on Dewey for my Library Assistants and came across these that looked good - Kathie has one too, but I didn't find it online. The last one is silly-new agey, but fun. dewey expanded online for kids (BAD LINK) - a fun one-the numerology of it all.
Book Cube-activity for TAs
Linda Hodgin

Annotated Bookmark Assignment

Shari Fesko
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