Teacher Librarian Absences:

Have a policy on file with your Principal's Secretary in the event of an unexpected absence. Include protocols for where TA's report, and how teachers can access services such as the copy machine and computers. Turn this in at the beginning of each year when teacher substitute packets are collected.

Have a consistent schedule so that your staff generally knows where you are.

Post your schedule in some way (e-mail, on the circulation counter, google calendars in a newsletter).

Let staff know when there is a change in your schedule.

Adjusting your schedule:

You can make adjustments in your schedule as a courtesy if it does not interfere with events already on your calendar (i.e. an extended absence or vacation for your technician), but you should also plan on giving back an equal number of days to your other school when you make adjustments, i.e. trading days. It is confusing to staff when we change our schedules, and they should be made aware when there is a change.

If you are asked by an administrator to change your schedlue, let the administrator at your alternate site know that it is an administrative request, so they are aware of the peer who is being affected by your absence.

Library Technician Absences:

In the event of a planned absence, the Library Technician should consult with the Teacher Librarian to clear the calendar ahead of time, or to make arrangements for coverage if it does not conflict with events scheduled at the alternate site.

In the event of an unexpected absence, the library will be closed if the Teacher Librarian is not scheduled to be on site that day. Make sure the principal's secretary is aware of the protocols for library closures, i.e. access to services and where TA's report for attendance.

Even when the Teacher Librarian is available, some services will be limited when the Library Technician is absent, specifically if the Teacher Librarian is scheduled for teaching classes; services such as book check out and student supervision are not available. The library may be closed at lunch so that the Teacher Librarian receives their lunch break as guaranteed by contract. The library may also be closed after school when the Teacher Librarian's contracted day ends.