A way to get teacher input when you have money to spend is to award "mini grants." Offer teachers $500 to spend on library books to support a curricular project. Even though you do this anyway through collaboration, turning it into a grant program makes the idea more lucrative:

Funds from the Library Grant were used to develop special collections for department use under the mini-grant program. This program has been discontinued with the end of the Library Gant. Special Collections that were developed under this program were:
  • Psychology
  • Careers (10th grade career research paper)
  • High Interest books in Spanish
  • Marine Animals (ELD Island of the Blue Dolphins research paper)
  • The Vietnam War (The Wall ELD unit)
  • The Holocaust (Night Language Arts unit)
  • Biomes (Earth Science)
  • Weather (Earth Science)
  • Health Research Topics
  • Caldecott Award Winners (Child Development picture book unit)
  • Sports History (P.E. Benchmark)
  • Indian Cultures, Wildflowers, Legends (Legend of Bluebonnet ELD research paper)
  • Graphic Novels (Japanese Culture)
  • World Leaders (AVID)
  • Abuse of Power Biographies (12th Grade)