When you start a new job, it can sometimes be overwhelming to learn all the procedures of a new school, and sometimes procedures don't even exist. It helps to have a SURVIVAL GUIDE, also called an Operatioins Manual or a Policies and Procedures Guide.

First, find out what is already out there. Some districts are organized enough to have an online procedures guide. If your district does not have one, it can help to look at others to get ideas.

Elk Grove Unified School District
GUHSD Virtual Learning Commons Grossmont Union High School District
Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki
Spring Creek Middle School Library Handbook

Besides the district policies, it also helps to have a school guide with all the helpful contacts and information needed at the school. You may start by asking if your school has a teacher handbook.

Here are some school Policies and Procedures you can look at to see what kinds of things to put together for yourself. You might also want to consider keeping them online as a wiki. This wiki was created an a Policies and Procedures guide for AUHSD and put together by the AUHSD Librarians.

Here are some procedures you might consider having in your manual:
Absence Procedure
Academic Honesty
Alarm System (Books)
Alarm System (Building)
Classroom Libraries
Closed for Absence
Computer Check Out (Student)
Computer Lab Policies
Copier Policy
Closing Procedures
Drop Procedure
Die-Cut Press
Fine Collection
Hall Pass
Lunch Procedures
Opening Procedures
Ordering Books
Ordering Supplies
Patron Import
Printers - Write down the type of printer and the replacement cartridge it uses for easy reordering.
Phone Lists
Selection Policy
Student Aides
Student Identification Cards
Student Schedule Look Up
Video Collection
Yearbook Policy

Created by Heather Gruenthal for Orangeview Junior High
Crated by Heather Gruenthal for Savanna High School
Binder spine for Procedures Manual

Based on a template created by Kathie Maier