Payment and Work Contracts for lost/damaged materials and fines.

The California Education Code states that parents are responsible to pay for lost/damaged materials. A payment plan can be arranged with an administrator's okay.

However, when the parent cannot pay, the student may complete volunteer work for the school in lieu of payment.

Overdue, Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials
From the California Education Code

48904 (1) Any school district or private school whose real or personal property has been willfully cut, defaced, or otherwise injured, or whose property is loaned to a pupil and willfully not returned upon demand of an employee of the district or private school authorized to make the demand may, after affording the pupil his or her due process rights, withhold the grades, diploma, and transcripts of the pupil responsible for the damage until the pupil or the pupil's parent or guardian has paid for the damages thereto, as provided in subdivision (a).

48904 (2) When the minor and parent are unable to pay for the damages, or to return the property, the school district or private school shall provide a program of voluntary work for the minor in lieu of the payment of monetary damages. Upon completion of the voluntary work, the grades, diploma, and transcripts of the pupil shall be released.