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How to find a good book:
  • Follow an author you like
  • Browse through the shelves and displays for something that catches your eye
  • Talk to a friend about what they are reading
  • Follow a genre you like, for example: fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance
  • Choosing a cover illustration you like
  • Start a book in a series, and if you like it, read the rest
  • See what other people are reading and enjoying
  • Follow a favorite topic
  • Talk to a teacher or librarian for recommendations
  • Use a book club list, such as Oprah's book club
  • Follow up on a subject you studied in a class such as mythology, or historical fiction
  • Look for interesting titles
Ideas adapted from:
Mackey, Margaret and Ingrid Johnston. "The Book Resisters: Ways of Approaching Reluctant Teenage Readers," School Libraries Worldwide,
vol. 2, no. 1, 1996, p. 25-38