Here's an article about the Reading Incentive Program at Dale Junior High by Josie Martinescu:

Here's the Reader Award program started at Orangeview by Chris Enterline:

Pioneer Reader Award at Western High School by Heather Gruenthal:

Welcome to the Pioneer Reader Award Program

To help promote reading, the Library Media Center would like to honor students for their reading activities. Please help us identify students who should be recognized for continued effort to improve reading skills. Consider such behaviors as:

• Exceptional cooperation and readiness for Reading Period.
• Exceptional oral reading skill.
• Getting “caught” reading outside school (lunch, after school, before practice, etc.).
• Reading the most books or pages in the class.
• Finishing a complete series (i.e. the Twilight Saga.)
• Observing the student discussing or recommending a favorite book with friends.
• Expressing interest in what the teacher or another student is reading.
• Finishing a book from cover to cover (maybe for the first time ever!).
• High scores on tests based on classroom reading assignments.
• Exceptional presentations based on classroom reading assignments.
• Excellent writing or homework based on classroom reading assignments.
• Anything else that relates to reading achievement.

All students nominated will be recognized with a Pioneer Reader Award certificate, and allowed to choose a free book (free books will be available as bonuses from book fair sales).

Please nominate a student using the nomination form attached below and return the form to Mrs. Gruenthal’s box. You may nominate more than one student, and you may continue to nominate students throughout the school year. Please use a separate form for each student nominated.
Thanks for your efforts to help our students read well and enjoy reading.

Heather Gruenthal, Library Teacher