Here is a space to list issues and to do lists for the Savanna Library:

Savanna Calendar (Librarians)
Savanna Website
Savanna Library Catalog
Savanna Scheduling Calendar (Teachers) Savanna Library Wish Listexternal image ir?t=reifyoliri-20&l=ur2&o=1

To do:
Check Policies: Max fine $5.00 charging up to value of book after upgrade to v6
Get a walkie talkie for safety (Elizabeth)
Move Security Gates (Gina)
Order new barcodes
Order barcode protectors
Next range of barcodes start at 9360, print as needed
Library Survey
Combine multiple records in catalog-ONGOING
Add pictures of books to catalog
Fix copies without call numbers (All)
Set up Share Point Site for sharing library documents (Kathie)
Collection Analysis (After inventory is done)
Alarm building
Update Website (In progress, Deanna) (Elizabeth said she wanted to do this during the summer 2/2011)
Library Orientations (video?)
Catalog Donations-ONGOING
Update Resources for Student Library Assistants Manual
Ask PTSA to do bookfair (Elizabeth)
Solicit donations (Target?) for student prizes (Heather)
Update library plan (Elizabeth)
Make sure library gets in school plan (Elizabeth)
Update library sections of WASC plan (Elizabeth)
Get ASB account (Elizabeth)

  1. The server is very old and crashes often. Need to move the Alexandria program to a different workstation that meets the minimum specifications or purchase a new server.
  2. Re establish the connection to hear the announcements (Gina and Deanna)
  3. There are several books that do not have barcodes and were not weeded. Additionally the books in the collection do not have a uniform place for barcodes. One location should be selected for all barcodes to be placed on books and barcodes should be printed and placed in this location. This is what we did at Walker and it has made inventory much easier. (Marilyn)
  4. I am not sure the student aides know how to shelve books especially the break down of the decimals. I found many mistakes some of them serious. Perhaps Josie can bring her manual for student shelving and share it with Savanna. (Marilyn)

Completed Tasks:
Updated Alexandria to 6.1.4 (2/1/11 - Suzanne)
Compile recommended books on Mackin Order (All)
Complete gaps in series books on Mackin Order (All)
Inventory Fiction (Deanna, Heather, Elizabeth, Suzanne)
Inventory Non fiction (Deanna, Suzanne)
Weed Fiction (All)
Print temporary barcodes (Heather)
Start a Bookcrossing Zone (Heather)
Cirque du Freak Display (Heather)
Legend of the Significants Display (Heather)
Acrylic Signs (Heather)
No Food or Drink Sign (Heather)
Post Library Hours (Heather)
Post sign to please use other door with right arrow (Heather)
Savanna Temporary Barcode Template 9300 to 9999 open for use - printed 9300 to 9359 (Heather)
Determine next barcode sequence - Reports Unused Barcodes List Format (Heather)
Book Repairs- Heather
Book cart borrowed from south (Deanna)
Make Deposits (Gina)
Set up accounting system for fine collection (Suzanne)
Purchase signs (Josie)
Fix Air Conditioner water problem (Gina)
Catalog Donations (Anita)
Get a suggestion box or wish list (Anita)DONE
Get Abatement account (Elizabeth) MEETING ON 10/15 WITH MR. COLON
Get the photo disk from Lifetouch (Gina) DONE
Fix S to Span call numbers (Heather)
Fix FIC call numbers to F (Heather)
Patron Import for 2nd Semester (Heather)
Export from Alexandria instructions in Manual (Heather)
Fix [Fic] to F (Heather)
Fix [FIC] to F - Heather
Fix SF to F (Heather)
Fix SC to F (Heather)
Fix [E] to E (Heather)
Fix 92 to 921 (Heather)
Fix Ref to R (Heather)
Utility: Remove Discarded Copies (Heather)
Utility: RemoveLost Copies (Heather)
Inventory, Weed and Catalog Reference (Heather)
Bookmark contest for Read Across America week (Heather)
29 Reader's advisory bookmarks, copymasters, and files
Order 3 M Security strips (Gina)
Get Database passwords (Heather)
Database bookmark and flyer (Heather)
Distribute Database passwords to students to staff by e-mail (Elizabeth)
Copy Passwords and put in boxes (Gina)
Set up generic Mackin Account for Wish List (Heather)
Set up Amazon Wish List (Heather)
Get teacher access (locks/keys) changed (Elizabeth)
Alexandria 6 is difficult to navigate. Consider migrating back to v5 platform when changing the server. Alexandria tech support said it is not possible to revert (Justin)
Get Department Budget (Gina) $700 for supplies
Set up operations manual to establish procedures (Heather)
Get code for copier (Gina)
Sort through Donations (Anita)
Patron Import (Anita)
Set Calendar for Alexandria (Gina)
Set up calendar for library visits (Gina)
Volume Numbers/catalog clean up for Graphic Novels in Catalog (Anita)
Order signs to designate sections of the library (Josie)
Get computers running (Justin)
Set up librarian station (Justin)
Meet with AP to request money (Justin)
Get Security strips (Gina)
Set up librarian schedule on google calendar (Heather)
Weeded Non Fiction sections 000-620s (Marilyn and Deanna)
Reclassifed books that had incorrect dewey numbers(Marilyn and Deanna)
Updated library specifications with Mackin(Marilyn)
Move Sweet Valley High to place in same section (multiple authors) Elizabeth
Put up signage when order arrives
Move Reference - in progress Elizabeth
Weed Non-Fiction (All)
Make sign for MultiLingual section
Mackin Book Lists-ONGOING (All)
Gathered information about school; master calendar, list of staff (teachers), school plan, meetings schedule. (Deanna)
CDE Library Survey 2009-2010 (Suzanne, Heather)
Imported MARC records from Mackin for both book orders - Social studies and general library orders

Wish List:
Acrylic bookmark holder
Acrylic sign holder to post hours in front
Shelf Guides
New Laptops for cart