California Library Standards

Prepublication Draft
Model School Library Standards - September 2010 (DOC; 381KB; 45pp.)
Adopted by the State Board of Education September 16, 2010

Site based standards Rubric

Western High School Program Standards

School Library Standards Supporting Common Core (DOC; 271 KB; 35pp.)
Examples of Draft Model School Library Standards Supporting Common Core California Standards (CCCS) in English Language Arts.
Resources to Support School Library Standards

Essential Library Services
Developed by FJUHSD Library Curriculum Committee March 17, 2010
Based on the fantastic feedback I received from CALIBK12 (awesome feedback at )

They are:

Information Literacy
* MLA Instruction and Coaching
  • Research Skills Instruction
  • Cybersafety Instruction
  • Library Orientation
  • Tech Support
Reading Promotion and Support
* Book Circulation
  • Collection Development (digital and print)
  • Readers’ Advisory
Curriculum Support
* Updating Links for Web Research 24/7 via Virtual Library Website
Student Safety
* Safe Haven for Students
  • Supervision of Students
  • Monitoring of Student Internet Use
Protection of District Assets
Monitoring of Student Use of Computers and Facilities
Updating and Maintaining Library Automation Software