If you are a permanent teacher who has completed ten years or more of teaching in AUHSD with satisfactory evaluations, you may be evaluated every 5 years either by the same evaluation method as teachers or by a Project & Essay Option:

The project shall be mutually agreed upon between the teacher and the administrator and shall have relevance to the professional goals of the teacher as well as the AUHSD Goals and Objectives. Project ideas include, a staff development activity, staff presentation, mentoring other teachers, research on relevant data, etc.

The Essay must be a comprehensive self-assessment of how his or her lessons address the AUHSD Goals and Objectives. Specific attention must be paid to strenghts and areas for growth since the last evaluation as well as information to support continuing on the Tier Two evaluation for the next five years.

The essay is due to the administrator by the end of the first semester.

Since the regular teacher evaluation forms don't cover a Teacher Librarian's full responsibilities, the Project and Essay Option seems like a good opportunity to educate administrators on the role of the Teacher Librarian.