Here's some awesome ideas for Teen Read Week

Have a bookmark Contest Presented by Tommy Kovac and Heather Gruenthal
Have a Read-In Presented by Marcia Kochel, Olson Middle School and Mary Childs, Valley View Middle School, Bloomington, ISD 271

You can download a free Teen Read Week Program Planning Form (Word doc) from the Teen Read Week website to help organize your thoughts.

Teen Read Week from the YALSA Wiki

YALSA's Teen Read Week, Picture It @ your library is coming up soon! Oct. 16 - 22, 2011. There are lots of resources to help you get ready:

Teen Read Week Resource page:
Teen Read Week Wiki: (add your titles and program ideas to the lists!)
Teen Read Week Facebook page:
Teen Read Week Photo Contest:
YALSA Blog postings about Teen Read Week every Thursday beginning September 1:
The Hub: Your Connection to Teen Reads:

Check out Pam Spencer Holley's 50 Ideas for Teen Read Week:

And for Ten Ideas for Teen Read Week without Having a Social Program, check out this page on my See YA Around site:

RoseMary Honnold, Editor in Chief
Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)