Media Technicians
  • Process textbooks including unique numbering system

August - September
  • Review with teachers textbook checkout and return procedures (see Procedures document)
  • Emphasize the need for accurate record keeping to aid in cost containment
  • Gather textbook checkout records from Department Chairs to send to District Administrator in charge of textbooks
  • Issue textbooks to students by textbook cards or electronically (Aeries?)
  • Print class rosters and write book number issued to each student.
  • Copy and keep one roster checkout list for teacher, turn in one checkout list to Department Chair
  • Update original list as students drop and enter class
  • This will serve as your master list of all textbooks checked out for the year.
Department Chair
  • Verify that every teacher has kept checkout records and given copy to Department Chair
  • Compiles textbook information (in a spreadsheet) and forwards a copy to Administrator in charge of textbooks for Williams Compliance

  • Substitutes must be aware of textbook procedures.
  • Textbook procedures document should be included in substitute teacher packets.
  • Students often turn textbooks in to substitute teacher, and if books are not properly cleared, they become "lost"

  • Pick up your book
  • Record book number in curriculum letter
  • Write your name in your book
  • Cover your book
  • Keep your book in a safe place, do not leave in the teacher's classroom

End of January
  • Book check by students bringing in each textbook
  • Teacher notes books verified and those not seen at book check
  • Teacher creates charges for all non-verified books and turns them into the library tech
  • Updates roster with verified books numbers and gives a copy to Department Chair.

Textbook Collection Procedures what teachers can do:
  • Let students know well ahead of time when your textbook collection date is
  • Post final due date on the board
  • Ask students to write the due date in their Agenda Planner
  • Allow several days to collect from absent students and late check in
  • Make every effort to remind students to return the book before school is out
  • In Teleparent Informational category, you can check "must bring textbook tomorrow." box
  • In teleparent behaviors, check box for "textbook due"
  • Make textbook return a homework assignment or part of the grade or final
  • Give an "open book" quiz on the day of book collection
  • Collect books before important school events such as yearbook distribution and promotion events

Department Chair
  • Compile list of all needed books by one week after school is out.
  • Submit list to AP in charge of textbooks so books may be ordered immediately

Important Helpful Steps and Suggestions
  • Do Not! allow students to leave books in your classrooms. They become lost books. ALL books left in classrooms should be returned immediately to the library.
  • Require every student to enter his or her name and his or her teacher's name in each book issued.
  • Charges may not be turned in to the library tech until semester book checks or after the last day of school
    • Teachers are responsible for collection of textbooks from students
  • Encourage a challenge within a department to retreive all books, then you can sign out a day early

What the Media Center Will Do after school is out:

  • Clear late-returned books
  • Print a list for administration of diplomas to hold for seniors
  • All-call to parents for ALL BOOKS DUE
  • Teleparent phone calls
  • Send letters home charging for books not returned

All books must be collected prior to finals and your charge list turned in!