AUTOMATION Preparation
Before you are ready to circulate textbooks using the Zangle Inventory module make sure you complete the following steps:
  1. Staff is granted access to the Zangle inventory module from Information Systems. Contact Erik Greenwood to get access. Don't forget to add new staff members each year.
  2. Computer Technician must install access to the Zangle Front Office Module on each staff person's computers.
  3. If your site has titles not in the system, they must be added by Department Chairs (see Zangle setup workbook) before textbook numbers can be entered. Most of the adopted titles have already been entered to the Zangle system. Title records are added by Mary Torres when new books are adopted.
  4. Department Chairs assign unique numbers to existing textbooks using the following formula: Site Number; Title number; purchasing year, book number (purchasing year and book numbers are already written on the book). Coordinate among Department Heads to make sure there are no duplicate title numbers.
  5. Department Chairs enter textbook numbers to the Zangle System.
  6. Optional: Print Barcodes from the Zangle system and affix barcodes to books. Departments who want this option must organize the funding and labor to accomplish this. Barcodes and scanners are not required to automate.
  7. Trainings:
    • Department Chairs will need training on how to enter title records, books, print reports, and to organize retroconversion.
    • Attendance will need training on how to print out the textbook checkouts for drop paperwork
    • Media Technicians will need training on how to process new books, charge for lost books, clear dropped students, pay fines and to process bills.
    • Teachers will need training on how to check in and out books.
Assign number ranges to Titles, and renumber to include school site and eliminate duplicates
Barcode retroconversion, estimate $1000, plus cost of toner for printing and extra service pay
Scanners, $230 per department
Barcodes and Scanners (optional)

To purchase pre printed barcodes from Follett:

To purchase a scanner:
Scanner Quote: