September 7, 2009

TO: Principals

FM: Cheryl Quadrelli-Jones

RE: Book Transfer Procedures for 2010-11

As you all know, schools are being asked to work together to share textbooks, as needs arise. Please excuse the lateness of this information, as I know that you have many needs. We are interested in tracking this inventory transfer, to make sure that all borrowed textbooks are returned to the lending school. Below, I have outlined procedures, and attached, you will find a form to use to document these transactions.

Requesting Procedure:
  • The department chairperson informs the principal that more textbooks are needed, and completes the attached Book Transfer Data Aggregation Sheet with the title, ISBN#, number of textbooks needed, and his/her name as the department chairperson responsible for the textbooks at the requesting school.
  • The requesting principal calls Judy Oceguera, Textbook Administrative Assistant, at x3577, and Judy informs the principal which school has additional textbooks.
  • The requesting principal calls the lending principal regarding borrowing textbooks, and they agree to a loan. The lending principal informs the requesting principal of the name of his/her department chairperson at the lending school. The name of this department chairperson at the lending school is included on the form.
  • The requesting principal reviews the Book Transfer Data Aggregation Sheet for completeness, and sends an electronic copy to Judy Oceguera as an attachment.
  • Judy Oceguera logs the inventory transfer in the district textbook database.

Lending Procedure:
  • The lending principal receives an electronic copy of the Book Transfer Data Aggregation Sheet from the requesting principal, and passes the information to his/she department chairperson.
  • The department chairperson assembles the textbooks to be loaned, addressing the boxed materials to the department chairperson at the requesting school.

Returning Procedure:
  • In May, Judy Oceguera will send a reminder to the principals and department chairpersons indicating the number of textbooks that need to be returned. It will be necessary to return the exact textbooks, not just the exact NUMBER of textbooks, because the loaned textbooks are stamped and numbered at their original site.
  • Textbooks must be returned NO LATER THAN the end of Finals Week.
  • A copy of the Book Transfer Data Aggregation Sheet should accompany the returned textbooks, which should be returned to the lending school’s department chairperson, who will contact the principal to verify that the textbooks were returned.
  • The lending principal will then notify Judy Oceguera that the textbooks have been returned.

NOTE: If your school has already lent books, please complete the Book Transfer Data Aggregation Sheet and send it directly to Judy Oceguera so our inventory can be updated.

If you have any questions, please call me at (714) 999-3576, or Judy Oceguera, Textbook Administrative Assistant, at (714) 999-3577.

Thank you for your support.

Cc: Fred Navarro
Judy Oceguera
Curriculum Specialists