AUHSD Standardized Drop Procedure
Zangle Training Documents
Textbook Retro Conversion

Textbook Timeline:

May of Current School Year;

Submit Letter for Registration Packet
(Western HS)
(Sycamore JHS)

The Education Code 48904 states that any high school may withhold, grades, diplomas, and transcripts from students with overdue library books or with charges for lost textbooks until these payments are made.

Textbooks from new cycle ordered

June of Curent School Year

Hold Diplomas of Seniors who owe books
Surplus Textbooks (Notice to Teachers)
(Orangeview JHS)
(AUHSD Form)

The classroom teacher is responsible for assessing damages during textbook check in.
2 per page charge slip form
(AUHSD Form modified by WHS)
(Western HS)
(Western HS)
Parents must be notified in writing of textbook charges; use charge slip or sample letter:
(Visalia School District)

If the name plate in a textbook is damaged or filled up, use this sheet to replace it:

End of June, Close Out School Year

Teachers Collect Textbooks
(Orangeview JHS)

Teleparent ALL CALL, All Books Due Before Finals
Teleparent Books out after close of school
Send Bills and Notices before leaving for year
(Western HS)
(Western HS)


Library CLOSED, Texbooks Delivered


Textbook Processing

Registration: Flag registration materials for students owing fines
Set up Payment contracts
(Western HS)
(Western HS)


Teachers Check out Books to students in their classroom

Inform Parents of Textbook Policies
Teachers should include the textbook used and replacement price in their curriculum Letter.
Textbook Policy (Western High School Library Website)
Textbook Care Policy (Sample from Stockdale Library Media Center)
Textbook Policy (sample from Los Banos High School)
Williams Settlement information on Website (Whittier High School)

Semester: Jan/February

Check in Semester Books
Teleparent calls for overdue books (Teachers)
Check out books to new semester students