Volunteer @ Your Library
Students may also choose to volunteer as part of their community service hours for Key Club or other clubs as part of the college application process.

Things volunteers can do at the library:
  • Help work the counter before school, lunch, or after school.
  • Help put books away.
  • Help organize magazines.
  • Help keep the library clean.
  • Help process books.
  • Help provide childcare during Back to School Night and Open House.
  • Help set up and take down the book fair (week of Back to School and Open House).
  • Sort plastic bottles for recycle.
  • Design seasonal bulletin boards and displays.
  • Work on special projects such as inventory.
  • Shelf read for correct alphabetical/Dewey order

For more information on volunteering in your community, READ:
20 Ways for Teenagers To Help Other People by Volunteering an online resource for the book //The Teenager's Guide to the Real World// by Marshall Brain.

Education Code 35021 (c) It is the intent of the Legislature to permit school districts to use volunteer aides
to enhance its educational program but not to permit displacement of classified employees nor to allow districts
to utilize volunteers in lieu of normal employee requirements.