Here's some ideas for finding that book you are missing:

But I turned it in!

At the public library (ask at the check-in desk).
To your classroom library.
Your brother or sister turned it in to THEIR school.
You asked your friend to turn it in and they still have it.
You asked your teacher to turn it in and they still have it.
Browse the library shelves -- Maybe you really did turn it in!

How to Find that Missing Book
Here are some places to look if your book is missing:

At School...
First clean out your backpack and if it's not there, check:
In your OLD backpack
Ask all your teachers
Look in sports lockers
In the school's lost and found (check your teachers, the main office and library)
At after school programs
In the classroom - specifically on the teacher's bookshelves
Check the desks and bookshelves in all your classrooms

At Home...
under the bed
Under every other bed in your house
BEHIND the bed (i.e. between the bed and the wall)
between the mattress and box springs
In the trundle bed
In between the sheets at the bottom of the bed
In every closet in the house
Behind the washing machine
In your siblings' toy chest
On top of the refrigerator
BEHIND the refrigerator
Under the rug
Under the dirty clothes
In the dresser drawers
Behind the chest of drawers
In the dog house (dogs sometimes find books to be tasty treats)
In the stroller
Under any appliance (oven, dishwasher, dryer, etc.)
Behind the bookshelf
Behind other books on the shelf
Turned around on the bookshelf (pages visible, not spine)
On or behind the VCR, TV, or stereo
In the bathroom
On the back porch
Under the furniture cushions
In the piano bench
Packed with Christmas decorations!
Wedged down the side of a lazy boy rocker
In a book bag (check your siblings' bags)
Under the TV set stand
On top of the dresser in plain sight
Magazine rack
Under all couches and chairs
On the coffee table
In the recycling bin (for magazines)
The floor of your closet

In the Car...
In the trunk of the car
Under the car seats
Under the spare tire
In the garage

Other Places...
On the bus
At friend's (or homework buddy's) house
At parent's place of work
Grandma's/ babysitter's/non-custodial parent's house
Your doctor's or dentist's office

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