Western High School Yearbook Policy

Access to Photographs and Yearbooks:
(1) Students and parents acknowledge by signing the registration packet that they have received the Media Release policy of AUHSD. The Media Release states the following:

Anaheim Union High School District is proud of the many accomplishments of our students and staff. Often, such accomplishments draw the attention of newspapers, television stations, or the media who visit our schools to photograph, videotape, and/or interview students and staff during various activities. In addition, we often use pictures of our students in school publications and on school and District Internet web sites. For protection and privacy, we must be notified if you do not want your child to be photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by the news media or for Anaheim Union High School District publications.

(2) Based on this policy, the AUHSD has the right to release student photos to the media unless otherwise notified in writing by the parent. FYI: We have been asked specifically by Tiger Woods not to release his photo.

(3) However, school photographs may also be considered part of a student's school record (like transcripts) and therefore the school can restrict access to the student and/or parent/guardian. The school principal or AUHSD has the authority to determine if a picture may be released to other parties.

(4) The school holds all copyrights of yearbooks and is considered the publisher.

(5) A complete archive of yearbooks is stored in the library and may only be viewed on site in the presence of library staff. Copies may be made by library staff of the student’s own photo at the cost of $.10 per page.

(6) Alumni are eligible to purchase surplus back issues of yearbooks in which their picture is featured, just as if they purchased them during their school-year.

(7) The school as publisher has the right to determine the sale price of surplus yearbooks. Current sales price is $50.00 plus $10 shipping/handling (cash or money order only).

(8) Sale of yearbooks to alumni does not grant reproduction rights. These books are still subject to copyright law and the copyright is held by the school.
(9) Proceeds from yearbook sales are deposited to the ASB Yearbook account to offset the original publication costs.
(10) Yearbook copying is subject to fair use copyright law so any mass production, such as from a media outlet, must get the school's written permission before using a yearbook photo.

(11) Western High School is a Closed Campus. In the interest of school safety, the principal can deny outside parties from entering campus. These patrons may be asked to go to the public library to view yearbooks.

(12) Each school should be sending a copy of their yearbook yearly to district, and periodically the District turns these over to the Anaheim Public Library's History Room:

Elizabeth J. Schultz Anaheim History Room City Hall West, 5th floor 201 South Anaheim Blvd 714-765-1750

(13) Books stored at the Public Library are subject to copyright law. The Public Library is not obligated to protect student privacy as schools are. Anaheim Public Library will allow patrons to view yearbooks on the premises and make a photocopy for them at $.25 per page within copyright fair use policy. For media requests, they refer to the school for permission as mass production in a media publication would violate fair use copyright law.

Jostens Yearbook Policy:
Looking for a past yearbook?

Thank you for your inquiry about Jostens yearbooks.Jostens prints millions of yearbooks each year,therefore we are unable to keep inventories of backdated yearbooks in stock. And since published yearbooks are the property of the schools, the decision of whether or not to supply or approve reprinting of backdated yearbooks is up to the individual school. You may contact the school's media center or yearbook adviser directly to inquire about backdated yearbooks. Please note that if you find a yearbook and would like to reproduce it, the school is responsible for granting permission. Jostens does not legally hold the copyrights on the books we print. The school holds all copyrights and is considered the publisher.

Good luck with your search.